Course Descriptions


BIBLE SURVEY (OLD TESTAMENT): A survey of the entire Bible Old & New Testaments through a book-by-book approach to the narrative. It includes a study of the distinctive message, the characters and events of each book in their relation to the historical sequences, and some applications of Old Testament teaching to contemporary Christian living.

BIBLE SURVEY (NEW TESTAMENT): This course presents a book-by-book approach to understanding the Theology of the New Testament. Students will take the synthetic approach to the text, explore occasion of writing its central themes and messages.

GENERAL BIBLE I: (Prerequisite Bible Survey Old Testament): An objective, detailed study of the Old and New Testaments with emphasis on the personal and divine life, covenants and dispensations. This course also covers introduction to Typology and Symbolism, and Homiletics. A New Testament aspect of this study gives the political, cultural and religious background needed to understand the events in the life of Jesus. The tracing of the flow of the thought in each New Testament Book provides a better understanding of its message and uniqueness.

GENERAL BIBLE II: (Prerequisite General Bible I): An advanced study in the Bible. This course will introduce predictive prophecy with in-depth research of Old Testament prophets and prophecy. Students will study the Law, Writings and Psalms. Introduction to Systematic Theology, studies in Apocalyptic literature (Revelation and Daniel), Christian Ethics, Law and Grace, and Inter-Testament History.

HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE I: This course focuses on mastering the tools and techniques for personal Bible study. Techniques include learning how to do the following: survey a Bible book, research historical backgrounds, produce topical and biographical studies, analyze passages, and analyze individual words. Special attention will be given to the use of computers for doing word and scheme studies.

HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE II: (Prerequisite How to Study the Bible I): An advanced interpretation course, which assumes the knowledge of the material covered in Inductive Bible Studies. This course applies inductive method to various types of Biblical Literature.

HOMILETICS: A study of the basic principles of sermon preparation. Attention is given to the formulation of a biblical philosophy of preaching and to sermon organization that facilitates expository messages, which are biblical and relevant. Both the format and function elements of the sermon are explored.

COUNSELING I: (Prerequisite General Bible II): This course will provide students the basic models to counseling. These models include but not limited to Behavioral Therapy (BT), Reality Therapy (RT), and Transactional Analysis (TA). Students will understand the need for Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Intervention.

COUNSELING II: (Prerequisite Counseling I): An in-depth study of the psychology of counseling. This course will provide both professional and lay counseling in the areas of teens, emotionally and mentally ill, marriage, and sex problems, using case studies.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH & MATURITY: Christian Growth and Development is a course that teaches foundational principles to help new converts to practically apply Christian truths to his / her Christian lifestyle.

FAITH I: A concentrated study of what the essence of true faith is, as it relates to the believer in every aspect of life. The student will learn divine principles of faith that will cause one to live this life in harmony with God and His Word. This course is a must for those who want to build their faith in God.

FAITH II: A detailed study of how to walk like a King’s kid in this generation. This course will give concise biblical prescription for fear, demonic oppression, physical healing, and total peace of mind. The student will discover a new appreciation for life once he discovers God’s formula for happiness. Discussions in: Fasting and Prayer, The Power of the Tongue, Learning to Confess and Possess. Upon completion of this course the student will know that Satan’s Kingdom is under his feet.

THE BOOK OF ACTS: This exciting birth of the Christian Church as it spreads from Jerusalem to Rome focuses on the relationship of Acts to the Gospel and discusses the distinctive ministries of Peter, Paul and other prominent leaders of the early Church.

THE BOOK OF HEBREWS: An analytic study of Hebrews with attention to the theme of Christ’s superiority and with application to the life of the believer in the new order. Interpretation of this creative book against the background of first century Jewish institutions.

THE PAULINE EPISTLES: An examination of Paul’s theological and missionary preaching, with emphasis on Christology, Salvation, Ethics, and Eschatology. Discussions include the role of the Law, Pharaseism, and the Salvation of Israel and the Church.


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