Greatness Is Coming Your Way

A very blessed 2018 to you!

As we have transitioned to a New Year, we do so with great expectations for all of the prolific things that God will do for us and concerning us! My prayer for you is that you will embrace every blessing that God has set in place for this year and beyond.

I wholeheartedly believe that this is the Year that God will cause you to make some life changing decisions to position you to enter into an open window where his blessings are continuously being outpoured. Our crossing the threshold of the old year 2017 and into this new year, marks the beginning of a new chapter, a new day, new opportunities, and new goals which will create new accomplishments. In Genesis chapter 24; Abraham had overcome many challenges, separation, loss and heartbreak (loss of Sarah). We then read in the text that God brought him into a place of notoriety and greatness. Verse 35 tells us that the Lord “blessed him and he became great”. This will not be a year of the “status quo,” or “business as usual.” God has predestined this to be a year of “Great things.” The writer of Joel tells us “Fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice: for the LORD will do great things.” (Joel 2:21)

I want to challenge you to reach past a place of complacency and to challenge yourself to reach higher, to strive harder, and to activate in yourself a mindset that allows you to dispel doubt, fear and passivity. Do not settle for anything less than the best or the greatest. Dream big, talk great, connect with greatness! As God’s mouthpiece, I speak prophetically into your life. May you become the greatest person that you can be in 2018. In closing, don’t forget that God has already carved out your destiny. He has already composed each month of your life. He is simply waiting for you to walk in it and seize every opportunity that has been set before you. In 2018, Remind yourself every day that Greatness is coming your way!

Greatness is yours,
Overseer David Lawe

This is the Year that God will cause you to make some life changing, indelible marks in the earth.