A story in every sense of the word is one filled with complex characters, twist and turns, an antagonist, and an ending that culminates with resolution and joy. Of course, ours is no different, only in the sense, that our story is still being written-moment by moment and day by day. But through every line- Jesus Christ has been the central character- orchestrating every step of the way. Our story is unique in that God chose two of the most unlikely people to Pastor a congregation that is unique in every way. Our Pastorate is grounded in the belief that 21st century ministry requires 21st century methods. Thus our church has been most aptly nicknamed, “The Church of the Difference.”

Our story is one founded on friendship, mutual advocacy, a common love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is this common love that enables us to lead our congregation towards achieving this same passion for Christ-keeping him central to their lives. A decade of marriage has given us insight into the challenges that will come but certainly greater insight on the Godly principles that are necessary to overcome these challenges. As Pastors, we know that being a part of a unique blended family has allowed us to appreciate the importance of the family structure and given us a deeper anointing to minister to the family unit.

Our story is one of overcoming. For Christ instructs us that we are “more than conquerors (Romans 8:37).” A few paragraphs would not be sufficient to detail these challenges, tests, disappointments, etc, but it can be summarized in the simple terms- we have had some defeats but our victories have been many- testifying to the goodness of Jesus. It is this central tenet with which we instruct our congregation on how to lead victorious lives- characterized by moments of reflection-strengthened by the recognition of God’s unmerited grace.

Our story is one of development. The fact that the Bible teaches us to “press towards the mark (Philippians 3:14).”We are tenacious in our exploits in achieving what we know the Lord has set before us.” We believe in the endless possibilities that will allow us to achieve magnanimous things. Through team ministry, we have sustained a ‘family feel’ church that offers practical solutions to 21st century personal challenges.

As a couple, we are each other’s best friend. We enjoy spending time with one other, laughing- doing everyday things. Moreover, we also enjoy spending time with the people who we are so privileged to serve. We savor every moment -understanding that to serve people of all cultures, races, ethnicity and social backgrounds is the greatest gift that we can ever be given.


Overseer David and Pastor Michele Lawe


Overseer David Lawe

Overseer David Lawe is the Senior Pastor of More Grace Redemptive Center, which he and his wife, Executive Pastor Michele Lawe, most appropriately refer to as "The Church of the Difference.” With over 20 years of ministry experience, Overseer Lawe is a prolific preacher of the Gospel- having his heart connected to God ensures that he always delivers a rhema word that will move congregants into their destiny and the fulfillment of their God-given purpose. He has been involved in both local and international missions and seeks to create people centered church that ministers holistically (spirit, body and mind).  He is affiliated with the Dunamis Covenant Connection where Archbishop Robert J. Rochford, Sr. is the Presiding Prelate. In 2017, Pastor Lawe was elevated by Archbishop Rochford to the Office of Overseer. Overseer and Executive Pastor Lawe planted a church (City of Grace Christian Church) in Kingston, Jamaica in 2016 and they serve as spiritual covering for Shiloh’s House Church located in Plantation, Florida. He is a loving husband, father and spiritual mentor to many and he is committed to building the Kingdom of God.





Pastor Michele Lawe

Pastor Michele Lawe is the Executive Pastor of More Grace Redemptive Center. With almost two decades of ministry experience, Lady Lawe has held various ministry roles in the local church and is passionate about women and the issues confronting women in the 21st century. Her down to earth attitude and her ability to “keep it real” is a natural magnet for people from all walks of life. She has ministered extensively to women and delivers a word that heals broken hearts while ensuring that the local body understands that they must rise up and change their positions in life in order to become exactly what God has orchestrated them to be. Executive Pastor Lawe has many ministry gifts but she is first and foremost the executive administrator who works to strategically position the church to remain relevant in the 21st century. Additionally, Pastor Lawe walks in the prophetic and she gives direction that will move people into self-actualization. A leader in every sense of the word, she is able to mentor and develop many ministry gifts while maintaining her femininity, poise and grace. With over a decade of marriage to Overseer David Lawe, this union is the epitome of couple’s ministry in the 21st century and has served as a blueprint for many young couples that are starting out in ministry.