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7/24/17 to 7/28/17 7:30pm nightly MGRC's Missionary Trip 2017 26 South Camp Road. Kingston, Jamaica. West Indies. Overseer-Designate David Lawe, Bishop Melda Williams & Other Special Invited Guests!



Speaking Engagement Request Information

Please review the following guidelines to help assist you in requesting Overseer-Designate David Lawe and/or Pastor Michele Lawe to speak at your next event. All letters of invitation should be submitted on church/ministry letterhead and mailed or faxed to: David and Michele Lawe Ministries. 646 Parkside Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11226 Email: Fax: (718) 693-3679 Please include the dates, times, type of event you are hosting and any other pertinent information in your invitation. If you have flexibility with your dates, include that information as well, in the event that your first choice is not available.