Women In Covenant (W.I.C.)

Women Ministry

W.I.C. expounds on the covenant relationship between “woman” and “God.” This ministry brings women into full understanding of who they are in Christ, where they stood in their past, and who they are destined to become! Women In Covenant caters to the total woman: spirit, body, mind-soul, and induces healing to all three entities.

This ministry is designed for women who know they have seeds of dreams locked inside yet needs assistance giving birth to its existence. Whether saved or unsaved this ministry brings a profound quality of life to God’s most delicate creation, (womb-man) woman. Welcome or continue to let the Holy Spirit do a great work in you.

We are made on Purpose, with a Purpose and for a Purpose!

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Being involved at More Grace Redemptive Center means more than attending a service or showing up at an event. It means being engaged in building real, Godly relationships with other people. It means investing in a big way by serving on a ministry team that brings the love of God forward to all who call this place their church home. And it means carrying that love beyond our walls by serving our community.

Joining a ministry team is the simplest and most direct way to be all-in with the mission of More Grace Redemptive Center. So what are you waiting for? Click below!

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